Sunday, February 28, 2010

O Canada

The Olympics are offically over. I had my life on hold for 2 weeks as I was fully immersed in them. I loved seeing Alex Bilodeau and his relationship with his brother who has cerebral palsy. As everyone else in Canada, I loved the ice skating and seriously why are those 2 not a couple...see the way they look at each other?? I thought Jon Mongomery was AWESOME. Charles Hamelin and Marianne St-Gelais so cute. Joannie glad she carried the flag for closing ceremonies. Proving that hockey is Canada's sport...and I could go on and on.

But now my life can go on. The clothes can get washed, we can have proper meals on the table and I can get my house cleaned. My children will no longer be neglected. I can leave the house and enjoy the nice weather we are about to have this week and forget all about the winter olympics until 2014.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frazzled Mothers

You know those cartoon pictures of the mothers pulling their hair out and their clothes are inside out and backwords and they have kids hanging off them. Well that is me this week. Let me tell you about monday at about 4:30 pm. Kanya, who is no longer able to be nursed, needed a bottle and NOW. She had gone about 4 and a half hours from her last feed so needless to say was very hungry. I got her a bottle and sat down with her to feed her when Zara decided that she had to go potty so I set Kanya down, prop up her bottle with a blanket and start to go get Zara when the bottle falls and she starts WAILING. I prop it up better with her holding it as well and go get Zara. She had peed herself already. LOVELY. I take off her clothes and get her all cleaned up when the bottle falls again. More WAILING. I go attend to Kanya and I tell Zara, who is butt naked, to run upstairs and get a pair of panties. She brings down a shirt. `NO, your underwear...they are right at eye level on TOP of your dresser.` So she goes back up and as she is coming down I hear `Potty, Mom, Potty` and followed by `Uh oh`. GREAT she has gone to the washroom coming down the stairs. I prop the bottle up again and go see what shes done. Number 2 all down the stairs. The bottle falls. Run to Kanya, fix the bottle and come back just in time to stop Zara from `ceaning-up` with a teatowel. I get the mess all cleaned up Zara in underwear and clothed, finally get back to Kanya and can hold her while she eats the last half oz of milk without interuption, when Garrett walks in the door asking how my day was. If looks could kill he`d definatly be dead.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potty Training

Today is day 4 of potty training. What a seriously hard thing to do. I never thought that it would be this difficult and she is actually catching on pretty fast. So far today we haven't had any wet pants!! Tuesday we had 4 and yesterday we had 2...all of them before lunch so we're doing good today!! It's kinda funny when she does have an accident, all she does is look down and say 'oh all wet' and then continues with whatever she was doing...a little frustrating though for me. Maybe if she didn't like being wet she would take the initiative to go. Oh and most of the time it`s a fight to get her to go to the potty...she is not too keen on anything the interupts her playing. Lots of times I have to look at her and with my sternest of stern voices say 'Zara, sit down RIGHT NOW and go potty' and then she will. She never forgets about her 'cheat' either, which is a smartie or 2...and then she is off until we have to do it all again.

So to any other Mom's out there that are going through the same thing...GOOD LUCK. I know we need it here.