Saturday, March 24, 2012

The BIG Word

While we were in Mexico Grandpa Bryon was teaching the girls new words. I've finally got around to taking a video of the word they have both mastered. Zara adds a little something to the end!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I started this year out great with the blog thing and lately its been going by the wayside once again. I like to blame it on me just being WAY to busy rather than laziness but it is probably the latter.

I will place the blame, however, on my obsession with thrifting. It is taking all my extra time. I love going into thrift stores and finding that great treasure that I just can't leave without. My house is getting kinda full of these so called treasures so I've started my own Etsy shop. IT IS SOOO FUN. Now I get to go thrifting for things to add to my little vintage shop. It is the greatest thing I've ever started. I've found things like this...

And this....

And this....

And this...

I've only sold a few things but that has not stopped me from buying lots...I keep telling Garrett it might sell someday. I secretly hope some things don't sell...shhh!

Anyways that has been my latest project. Here are the latest pictures of the girls. This is the only time they have cooperated to get a decent shot. It was sunday afternoon and they both had not napped. I guess they were too tired to move around too much. Worked great.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Party

Zara turned 4 on Saturday and we partied.
We had all her cousins over and had supper, cake, presents and a game.

She was super excited for her birthday this year which was fun for me because now there is 2 of us excited for birthdays.

Not really any theme this party...a little vintage that just went along with my spring decor.

Yes I'm getting anxious for spring. Hoping that redoing the mantel will encourage it to come faster.

I've taking some of Mom's pictures cause she got better ones then me.

Now we are all partied out until Kanya's in the fall.