Sunday, June 7, 2009


My whole life we were taught not to kicking things when we got mad, no kicking balls and other objects in the house, no kicking our siblings etc. but kicking is one of the first things we ever did to our poor mothers. Kick, punch and prod was the first interaction we ever had and it was so exciting and encouraged but the moment your born it's no longer something welcoming.

Well I was in bed the other night with a sound asleep husband beside me when I realized that I was being kicked...just faint little movements but movements none the less. I was so excited and all I had to share my joy with was my suduko but we spend a lot of time together so it was okay. It's such a reassuring thing to feel your baby kick and move inside you. Makes you realize that there is something actually in there and your not getting plump for nothing and you know as well that at that moment the baby is ok and well.

I know it won't be long and I'll be discouraging all the kicking but for now little one...kick on!

These pictures were taken tonight of Islay and Zara...luckily they are NOT kicking each other yet.