Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I took the girls and went to Edmonton for a couple nights with Mom, Shelby and Lane. Poor Lane had to endure the shopping and all us girls...but I had a lot of fun. It is always a little hectic shopping with Zara...she runs off everywhere and doesn't listen to swell so it is nice to be home too. After getting home and having supper I went to do some of the dreaded ironing and noticed it was really quiet so I went upstairs and this what I saw...

Seriously it is so quiet and I can actually have a few peaceful minutes. I could get used to this...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wide Awake

So what does one do when they can't sleep at 4:23 in the morning? They think of all the things they have been putting off. For example, updating my blog. As I lay there thinking of the things I could blog about it become impossible to sleep until I get up and get it off my mind. I apologize in advance if it is hard to follow and doesn't make sense.

Zara has officially entered the terrible 2's. I told Molly not that long ago that I wasn't sure how the twos could get anymore terrible. She has been busy since the day she was able to move, she has gotten into everything there is to get favorites have been Vaseline and those disclosing tablets you get from the dentist...she doesn't listen very well at all and she did I mention that she is busy? Molly replied by saying that maybe it would be tantrums. Its like Zara heard that and thought 'hhmmm, that could be fun'. It's been exhausting. I'm not talking about those little fits, its those huge ones that you see in the stores once in a while where the kid is hysterical and the mother isn't doing anything about it but seriously what can you do when you're out and the child WILL NOT be reasoned with? It is VERY embarrassing and I'm sorry to all those Moms that I've judged as not being good mothers as their child is screaming their head off. They say to cherish every moment because they growup so fast....these are definatly the moments I've been cherishing the's been lovely.

I've been following some of those fashion blogs lately and I must say I'm very impressed. These people get up everyday, get dressed, do whatever it is they do and have time to take pictures and blog about their outfits and day. I am seriously starting to think they don't have sweat-pant-days. Is this even possible? But I thought I should start one of my girls seeing that they are such fashionistas. Here is a good one of Zara. This was taken on her actual birthday March 3.
'What class' is probably what you all are thinking right now. I like the ketchup stains down the front of the shirt and the really ties it all together. She had to wear the belt that day for some reason. It is also a nice showcase of legs. Pants have been optional lately with the potty training. If you stop by unexpected someday, I can almost guarantee that she will have no bottoms on. The pose is good too...the open mouth and dazed look is really great. Someday I'll get a good one of Kanya too but the poor girl is lucky if she even gets dressed some days.

The other day I was babysitting Islay and here are a few if the funny things that happened that morning.
-They decided to play meeting. They get the chairs all lined up. Not side by side by front to back much like a train and Zara says her Grace and Islay sings 'Day by day thy Children'.
-Islay finds the phone and starts making her phone calls...'Hi Quinn. How's Pav? Okay. Talk to you later. Bye'...'Hi Monkey, are you sleeping. Okay. Bye'...'Hi Owl. Do you have any eggs for me? Okay. Talk to you later. Bye.'....'Hi Frog. Do you know number 86. okay. Bye'
-Zara telling Islay secrets. I got the tail end of this on the video so its not the greatest but it'll give you an idea of how it was.
Islay comes highly recommended by her Aunt. If your looking for a good time just give her a call and I can guarantee a few good laughs. Batteries not needed, just a snack once in a while.

And finally, Kanya. Poor Kanya. She has had a nasty little cough for the past month or so now. The doctor gave her this inhaler thing to help it and it did for a while and she was getting better but it came back this week and she has had the runny nose and watery eyes to go with it but I'm hoping that she is on the mend now. She has gone all night so far without a coughing attack. She has a new trick now. She plays with her tongue somehow and it makes this funny noise. I tried to get a video of it so hopefully you can hear it.

Now I can go to sleep and not be feeling guilty about putting this off. There is some serious sarcasm in here. Maybe I'm more sarcastic in the middle of the night