Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Minute Plans...

Last week was the best/craziest week ever. Everything was going on as normal. Shelby came over on Tuesday to stay with us a couple of nights. Wednesday we were just hanging out outside enjoying the sun. Zara was swimming in the little pool and Kanya was sound asleep in her bed when I get a phone call from Garrett. It was about 11:00am and he says to me 'What do you think about going up to Mellowdale for convention instead of Didsbury?' Ha was my reply. That would be insane. After we hung up I got thinking, why not? He had the time off, I kinda had all our clothes organized and we weren't doing anything else. So it was decided we would go to Mellowdale. At 2:40pm we were out the door. Good thing Shelby was there or I would have never been able to do it. The vehicle was PACKED. I don't think another thing would have fit.

I think it was one the best decisions I have ever made. I didn't have time to get all stressed out about all that could go wrong and how everything was going to go. I had to deal with things as they happened, which is so such easier then stressing about it before.

We stayed in a tent. It went so well I'm scared to ever try it again because it surely can't go that well twice. The girls slept all night. Went to bed really well and it was big enough that we had all our beds in there and a chair and there was still room enough to walk around. I would actually do it again.

And of course convention was the best ever.

Here are a couple pictures of how the girls were sleeping tonight when I went and checked on them. Little sleeping beauties...