Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I've been horrible at posting anything lately but here's a little update... Kanya is 3 and a half months now and is a really good baby...hardly hear her cry at all. She's only gets up once a night to be feed so that is really nice. She is smiling lots and I'm just waiting to hear her giggle...could be soon. She weighs 9'8 now so she's finally on the charts...barely but she on!!

Zara is talking my ear off. She is even starting to put sentences together. We're trying the potty training...she'll go when I put her on the potty but so far I haven't been to dedicated to it so we're not getting to far. She loves sitting on the counter when I'm cooking or working in the kitchen so I'm hoping that this means she'll like to help out in the kitchen when she gets older.

Here are a couple of is what Garrett has been teaching her and the other is when I was trying ti take some photos of the good photos though, I need Zoe to come take some!!