Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Dear...

We have two really BIG problems in our house that I'm not too sure what to do about.

First, we just got home from the night in Edmonton and as we were unpacking our stuff out of the car Garrett informed me that Zara's pillow was all muddy and dirty. No big deal you may think BUT this is dramatic. She falls asleep with that pillow everynight, it's kind of her security thingy. So now I have to wash it and this too is a problem because Zara chews on the corners and pulls at the strings as she falls asleep so the poor pillow which my dear sister made has seen better days. I'll now have to sew all the corners so the stuffing doesn't come out when I wash it and I'm just worried that it may not be the same afterward.

Second, I've come to the conclusion that our toliets are taking our things and if it could flush itself, I'm sure our stuff would be gone forever. This is quite alarming to me as I'm sure you can imagine, in all my years of living this hasn't happened. Well besides when my siblings were younger and were throwing things in there but that was them not the toilet. The items I've found as of now are....socks, numerous toys and even the toliet paper right from the roll. Very strange. Some people might be thinking that this could be an act of my daughter but I assure you this is not the case...she's way to sweet and innocent to do anything like that. She looks at me with those big dark eyes as she slowly crawls out of the bathroom and I just know she wouldn't do a thing like that. Guess we'll just have to buy all new toliets to solve this one.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Girl Now...

It's four days away from Zara's first birthday and I can hardly wrap my wee little brain around that. I've been thinking lately of what life was like a year ago...

I was very prenant. The 28th was my actual due date so I was anxiously awaiting. I was so tired of being pregnant, I remember crying one night because I was convinced that she wasn't gonna come and I was gonna be HUGE forever. Luckily Garrett didn't have major hormones running through his brain and was able to calm me down.

I was getting lots of sleep and had NO idea what I was in for. Only getting 3 hours of sleep at a time was something I was not prepared for. Everyone warned me but I think I thought my baby would be different.

We were living in a different house that we thought we'd raise our kids in. Didn't take much though to decide we were moving.

Reid and Mandy only had 3 boys instead of 4 and we didn't even know that she was pregnant. No one knew that Wade had a girlfriend even though they have been dating for over a year. Kel, Lane and Shelby were just focused on school (I think) and now Kel's left home and Lane's got himself a job and everyone is one year older.

So lots has happened from this time last year and I wouldn't change anything for the world.