Monday, November 16, 2009


I've discovered a couple things since being a mother of two...there are a couple things that instantly put me in a good mood.

First one being Starbucks of course. I find it outrageous to spend 5 bucks on a drink but once in a while I splurge and buy one and realize once again that it is totally worth it. It just puts me in a great mood as soon as that decaf white chocolate mocha WITH whip gets placed into my hands. I could have had one of those days where Kanya has decided to cluster feed every 2 hours and Zara has become totally needy and wants extra attention but as soon as I have a drink of that deliciousiness it's all forgotten and I'm good to start again.

The other good mood maker is listening to ANY song by The Beatles. I've been trying to think why this would have this affect on me and all I've come up with is that it reminds me of my childhhod and simplier days. Long before I was in school I used to work on cars with my Dad and often we would have to try out his stereo in whatever car we happened to be working on. Some of the music I remember listening to the most are Dolly Parton's 'rock' album Rainbow (a good listen for those that like Dolly), that good old spanish song La Bamba, Wake up Little Suzie by the Everly Brothers and 66 CFR on the AM dial which played oldies all the time which started my obession with listening to old music and it wasn't long when The Beatles became my favorite. I remember for my birthday in grade 6 the thing I wanted the most was a Beatles tape and when I got it I took it to school in my walkman (yes the days of walkmans) and tried to convince my friends that this was the GREATEST music but that was the era of Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys so they just thought I was out of my mind. And from there it went to The Beach Boys to Elvis to CCR to The Rolling Stones but always came back to The Beatles, and listening to their music is guaranteed to turn any mood I may be in into a great mood.

I was in a bit of a grumpy mood when I started writing this but it has turned around now into a good mood just thinking about drinking a Starbucks and listening to Abbey Road. Amazing. Now I can go and be civil again.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's a lot busier than I thought it was going to be having two little ones. It seems like I can't go anywhere without my Mom...good thing she lives close or I wouldn't get out of the house. On friday I decided to go get Kanya weighed and we were gone for a total of 20 minutes but I'm pretty sure it took us 45 minutes to get ready...maybe I'll get quicker eventually. Oh and she weighed 5.14 so she is filling out!

This is Kanya a few days old with her sucky...

Zara deciding to lay beside 'Kanna'

Kanya vs. Cabbage Patch doll...cabbage patch doll still bigger.

Zara on halloween...went around the block and she loved it...went up to the houses and said 'tickateat' and once they put the candy in the bag it was 'letsgo'

All the cousins dressed up...

Zara holding baby 'Kanna'

And that is just a few pictures of the last few weeks...