Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Forts and Other Things...

The Girls decided to make forts today. I was wondering when this day would come.
Zara did a little bird watching with her binoculars.
Kanya just sucked her fingers.This is what she does now. Took the soother away and she went straight to fingers.
Zara has been cracking me up with some things she comes out with lately.
-The other day I had a headache and I was telling her that she had to be good because I had a headache and couldn`t deal with bad girls. `oh we have to be good so you don`t get a heart attack on your headache?` Ummm....yes Zara you got it!
- While they play meeting Zara has been asking questions like Garry has been asking the kids on Sundays....I always get to be the kid answering...
  `Do helicopters fly in the air or do they run into seagulls?`.... Run into seagulls? YES your right Mom!
  `Do ponies live in princess castles or on rainbows?`....Either is right for this question.
  `Do sheep live in bowls or pots?`....pots? NO, bowls? NO Mom they live on plates.
  `Do Mothers hold babies or dads?`....this one was a no brainer! Babies
  `What is the coziest a fort or a snowball?`...I wasn`t too sure this one. Went with fort and it was right.
  `What is faster, a plane or a slide?`...Plane? Nope slides are WAY faster!
And on it went. I had to write them down as we went along...she thought I was being so good taking notes!!

Here are this weeks vintage finds that have been added to my shop!!
A great leather doctor bag, handknit little booties and matching bonnet, white shoes, 4 teacups, more doilies and a polka dot little dress.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can't Stop

It is pretty clear I have a problem. First step is to admit it. I have a problem.

I love all things old, vintage and delicate. And I especially love finding them. It is a serious adrenaline rush finding that 'diamond in the rough'. Believe me sometimes its a lot of 'rough' before the diamond is found.

Everytime we go somewhere I am always looking for thrift stores. Kills me to go some place and not look at the goodies they may have.

I went to my favorite thrift store today. As I pulled into the parking lot my heart starts racing at all the possibilities. Of course I wasn't disappointed.

Here are the lovelies I found today. Can't wait for next week when I get to do it all over again.