Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's to...

The may long weekend. This is what we did.
-replace 3 sections of fence
-washed all the windows inside and out
-and the window sills...they are SPOTLESS
-went to the Zoo
-and went on a bike ride
Not bad. And the absolute best part is that I didn't have to cook one meal. That pretty much tops it. I get to enjoy it a little longer...we go out for supper tonight with the whole family for Lane's grad supper. Yes Lane is graduating. Crazy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drinking Coffee

I've put the girls to bed and I'm sitting enjoying a good cup of coffee. I'm more of a social coffee drinker...pretty much only have it if I'm with someone else. (Unless roll up the rim is on) Tonight, however, I decided that I should have a cup. I'm so enjoying it. Its different when you drink it by yourself. You get to savor it. I think I've just discovered something really good here. The coffee pot just might stay on the counter and not get put away as it usual does.

Here are this mornings pictures. The girls squished in the dolly's playpen. Zara was telling Kanya secrets but it looks like she is clawing her face off.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Gifts Part 1

I've decided to try to make all my gifts for this year....from May to May. I'm not sure how far I'll get because there are A LOT. I have made 3 birthday gifts and my Mom's mothers day gift so far and there are 26 more to go. Luckily I only have a couple more to make and then there isn't another one until September so hopefully I'll get some made up this summer.

Here are the May birthdays...Garrett, Mandy and Mom. I didn't make anything for Garrett but got him a shed package that he had to make so maybe that'll count.

I was a little late on Tara's gift but here it is. A apron and cookie mix in a jar.

Mandy got the same thing just a little different material.

And here is Moms gifts. It was for Mother's Day and her birthday.

Unfortunatly for these ladies they were the first. Hopefully but next year they'll be better made and I'll have more ideas on what to make so it won't all be aprons. They can get really boring REALLY fast.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Zara Episode

WARNING: If you have a very weak stomach or can't handle poo stories then please go elsewhere.

Let me take you on a little journey of my first half hour of my morning. I woke up at 9:20 to Zara rattling her door knob. I looked at the time and smiled to myself thinking how lovely it was that I was able to sleep in. It's a luxury that I don't often get so enjoying the moment I got out of bed and got dressed while listening to Zara knocking on her door saying 'come in mommy, come in'. I answered her invitation and went into her room. First I seen that she was sitting on the floor taking off some tags on a new shirt, a couple seconds later I see that she has taken most things out of her dresser. Nothing new there....and then I smelled it. It was defiantly a dirty diaper. I look at Zara and notice that she IS NOT wearing a diaper. There it is sitting on her bed but it wasn't dirty and that was the exact moment I looked down at the pile of clothes and my sweet precious daughter had gone to the bathroom all over her clean clothes. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't stepped in it, sat in it and smeared it all over her room. DISGUSTING. I think I just stood there shocked for about 5 minutes not knowing what to do first. I snapped out of it when Zara started playing with her toes and telling me that they were stinky. When am I ever going to learn that sleeping in has consequences.