Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland....

So apparently June isn't coming back and it's time to move on! Yikes. Not even gonna comment on my terrible blogger syndrome.

    Lately I've had the itch to do some changes in the house. Nothing huge just a little face lift. I thought I would maybe share my little changes on here. Heavy on the maybe. I don't have the greatest track record. I haven't started anything yet but hopefully by the weekend something will get done. I'm thinking of starting in the family room. It is the most 'lived' in room and needs a bit of a change. I change the display on my piano and mantel with the seasons so for now that is all your gonna get. Here is my winter mantel!

Pretty much just blues and browns

I got a bunch of old winter photos. I've had fun moving them all around.

The 'water-less' snowglobes are a Anthropologie knock off.
And that is why I haven't been canning....they turn into craft projects! 

The tin cannisters are a one of my favourite treasures I've thrifted over the years!

All my little wooden, rustic ornaments. Mostly all from Chapters.

This guys is my favourite. His eyebrows just make my day!

And the piano....
A little boring.

Some of my milk glass vase collection.

This and  that on a doily my Great Grandma crochet'd!

A blurry picture of my garland.
My dear mother knit those wee little mittens, hat and sweater!

I've deleted all the pictures of the summer mantel but came across this one of the piano....

Another blurry shot. Had some vintage dresses hanging in my frame.
Handmade pinwheels. Vintage teacup.
Hopefully pictures of a change are to come....now I'm off to eat a banana lathered in Nutella! Yum!

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  1. Yay!!!! She's back. Nice pictures, Ash. Love all the pretty little things around your house.

    A. Debbie